How Many Exercises Per Workout Full Body Session

Workouts have become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. People all over the world are realizing the benefits of working out on a regular basis and how it can help improve their lifestyle. Gyms and various other forms of centers prioritizing different forms of workouts are popping left, right and center. Every colony, every Nagar, mohalla has a gym in the area no matter how crappy.

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Most people have incorporated some form of workout in their lives and others too are on their way. In cities especially the youth is heavily motivated to workout sometimes even twice a day. Now in the midst of all these motivated souls, there are some who aren’t too enthusiastic about gyms and stuff but still want to remain fit and healthy by doing the bare minimum for those of us one question that comes to mind the most is how many exercises are per workout should be enough to stay in shape without putting in too much genuine effort.

There are studies and researches that have proven that working out too much doesn’t really give you an edge over others; it’s how you do and what you do, not how much you do it. Health experts, bodybuilders, hardcore fitness enthusiasts have their own theories on how much exercise per workout should be enough. The Internet is filled with thousands of such articles. In this article, we have tried to accumulate these different theories and present them to you, the reader, in a simple and effective manner.

It is also important to know how much pressure you should be putting on your body in order to make sure you progress forward and not end up damaging your body. Weight training or strength training as some call it is very important for the body it helps build muscle mass and makes your bones stronger. Incorporating these exercises into our daily workout routine is a no-brainer, it takes time but once you start seeing the results your motivation and will not stop will only get stronger with time, and knowing how much should you be doing for every muscle group becomes really essential in order to see that constant growth after a time.

How Many Exercises Per Workout Full Body Session

So let’s get into the discussion regarding how many exercises per workout should be good enough for you to keep making constant progress in your journey of bodybuilding.

  • It is generally believed that 3-5 exercises per muscle group should be enough for you to keep progressing on building up those muscle groups without putting too much pressure on any set of muscles.
  • 3-5 exercises should be enough no matter if your goal is to build up muscle mass, get lean, lose weight, or just to stay fit and healthy (the group of people searching the most for the answer to the question – how many exercises per workout should be enough).
  • Now some can say how can the same amount be enough for a newbie and someone who is in the middle of his or her bodybuilding journey, to answer that question let me clarify again that 3-5 are deemed enough but it is not the limit. For example, someone who is just starting out may not even be able to do these recommended 3-5 in the beginning but he can surely start small and build on that with time while the professionals can add few more exercises to their schedule depending on their stamina and strength.
  • One more question that arises is should you look at exercises per workout or per week for your targeted muscle group to answer this question there is a formula you can follow known as Training Volume = reps x sets x weight. Following this, it won’t matter how many exercises you do per day or per workout, it will account for how many workouts per week you need to train a specific muscle group. Your volume target should remain the same but reps, sets, workouts can be adjusted this will make sure your weekly target is met and your progress is linear.
  • Make sure to select the exercises that target all the different muscles of the muscle group you are targeting, for example, legs have 4 different sets of muscles calves, glutes, hamstring and quads make sure you hit all of these with the same intensity with the help of different exercises be that 3 or 5 but do take into consideration your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is also important to take into account the reps you do per exercise, the more reps mean fewer sets you have to do. Follow the general idea regarding how many reps you might need according to your ultimate desired goal:-
  1. 13 to 20 reps for building up muscular endurance.
  2. 6 to 12 reps for building up both muscle size and strength.
  3. 5 – 8 reps are considered enough for initial strength building.

I hope this article ends up helping you in your journey of fitness and health, take it slow don’t rush yourself, be patient, and keep working out you will surely see the progress come your way.

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