What Does a Cavity Look Like? Signs and Symptoms

No Human being wishes to listen on their visit to some dental clinic or dentist on having a tooth pain that they have a cavity. Some people have even don’t know what does a cavity look like. The cavity is regarded as a hole in some of the teeth mainly caused due to decaying with a period of time. The presence of a cavity in teeth does not show any sort of symptoms until certain pain or symptoms becomes quite uneasy to ignore. In this article, we are going to throw light on the measure or dental care tips to be kept in mind to avoid the need to remove the cavity by filling or other methods of curing. Even, early signs of the presence of a cavity in teeth are also detailed in the below-given article.

What Does a Cavity Look Like? Signs of having a cavity in teeth

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In some circumstances, detecting a cavity is not possible and thus, humans need to have a check-up by some specialist or dentist. Even, they may ask to go for an X-ray of the teeth. While, in some cases, the presence of developing cavity is itself made known by showing some sort of symptoms as follows:

  1. Toothache

The human may have an unbearable throb or ache in the teeth when poked by their tongue. This pain becomes more acute once humans try to eat something hot, cold, or extremely sweet.

  1. Sensitivity

The human may find the presence of a cavity as that particular tooth becomes sensitive towards change in temperature. For an instance, the wincing sensation arises whenever humans have some drink that is extremely hot, or cold.

  1. Discolored or dark spots on the tooth

The presence of cavity in teeth can be seen in white or discolored or dark spots on that tooth i.e. it given an indication of amiss in the mouth.

  1. Hole in the tooth

There might be a hole in a smaller or larger size, giving an appearance of crack within the mouth when felt with the tongue. In such cases, go for dental treatment to cure it.

  1. Swelling or bleeding gums

The gum area closer to the tooth line might become raw, red, or swollen. And, the cavity in teeth can also be indicated via bleeding gums.

Measures to prevent cavity:

As we all are aware of the fact that prevention is always better than cure. Thus, there are some measures that humans may consider to keep their teeth protected against cavities. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Try to prevent the loss of minerals from the teeth or take some steps to replenish the lost minerals in order to reduce the chances of the development of cavities in the teeth in the future. This process of replenishment of minerals is known as re-mineralization.
  2. Go for brushing the teeth twice a day is another way to reduce the development of the cavity.
  3. Always utilize the toothpaste having fluoride in order to wipe off the plaque formation over teeth & gum-line due to bacteria or debris. The presence of fluoride in toothpaste helps to repair or re-mineralize the teeth’ enamel.
  4. Some more tips to prevent cavities are as follows:
    1. Flossing teeth, every day
    2. Apply a limit on intake of sugary foods
    3. Go for brushing the teeth on eating something sticky or sugary in taste
    4. Drink fluoride water, every day
    5. Have supplements of fluorides as per the advice by dentists only
    6. Chew gums, free from sugar to reduce the bacteria attack responsible for cavities in teeth.

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Is it possible to reverse the cavity of teeth?

The answer to this question is a big ‘NO’ as humans can’t reverse or heal the cavity. But this problem can be marked with a halt to the tooth decay issue. While it is easier to reverse it once the decay is within the enamel of teeth.

Once the minerals in teeth start to lose then, humans need to take measures to ensure the strengthening of tooth enamel as a result return to proper before the cavity initialize to develop. Iwe hopes this article helps you to know what does a cavity look like.

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