What is the Top 10 Healthy Food for Babies?

Being a mother is the toughest job as mothers need to give a thorough concern to their as well as their baby’s diet and development, simultaneously. Now, when it comes to feeding a baby then, as new parents, mother and father both wish to offer the best food to their baby. But, they could not deny the fact that in the case of babies nothing is the best but it suit be something healthy, nutritious, and a diet that is suitable for their baby. The experts have also recommended that the babies need to introduce semi-solid to their diet. So, in this article, we are detailing the top 10 healthy food for babies.

List of the top 10 healthy food for babies

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1. Breast milk

This is one of the healthiest food items that have all the required aspects and nutrients that babies require for the first year of their infant age. Breast milk is said to be indispensable in developing immunity. Although breast milk is low in iron and is sufficient to offer fulfilled amount of nutrition once the baby covers 6 months of age i.e. they start to become agile and mobile. Thus, the parents need to start adding the best food items to their baby’s diet chart to fulfill their requirement of nutrients for development and weight gain.

 2. Avocados

Avocados are high and rich in fat and proteins that are mono-saturated in form. The avocados are useful in keeping the baby full for hours and can be consumed in raw form. Even, doctors recommend to parents add these avocados to their baby’s diet once they turn 6 months old.

3.  Iron-Fortified Cereal

The iron reserve that the babies are born with gets depleted once they become six months in age. So, initiating or adding iron-rich cereals to the baby’s diet chart is mandatory and is beneficial as well. The iron-fortified cereals include rice, oatmeal, and barley.

 4. Red Meat

Red meat is the major source of protein, iron, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and zinc. These nutrients from red meat are useful for developing the muscular, skeletal, and brain of the baby in a proper manner. So, it is completely a myth that only veggies can help in developing the baby’s skeletal, muscular, and brain development. This is because babies find it uneasy to digest the iron from plant sources, easily but can digest the red meal in an effective manner, once it is cooked well and blended followed by mixed with the breast milk and vegetable pulp.

 5. Broccoli

The baby initiates to eat food like broccoli once he/ she is out of spoon-feeding, so, the best way to eat broccoli is to make it soft and manageable by boiling it. Broccoli is the best center of vitamin C, and thus, another best way to eat this vitamin hub is through steaming and microwaving it. Even, the presence of beta-carotene, folic acid, iron, potassium, and fiber in broccoli makes this food item a superfood for babies for their development and growth phase. Mixing sweet veggies like sweet potato, carrots, and so on with broccoli will make this food a suitable food item for babies to eat between eight to ten months of age.

 6. Beets

Beets are the center of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and folic acid and thus, these beets are listed among the naturally sweeter vegetables. The sweet taste of beets is enough in driving the baby’s eye and to be eaten, quickly. Even another major way of having or consuming beets is preparing their juice or can be eaten as raw in pure form after roasting or boiling it.

 7. Sweet potatoes

Babies have a great attraction towards the sweeter food items, and thus, this is the only reason that the taste of some vegetables is suitable in putting off the babies. So, initiating the baby’s journey with solid food or a vegan journey with sweet potatoes will be resistible. Sweet potatoes are the center of potassium, vitamin C, and fibers needed by babies during their development stage. Even, the presence of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is responsible for offering the fighting ability to fight against cancer-causing cells and its types.

8. Bananas

Bananas are one of the most nutritious food items that have the ability to bring a toothless grin to a baby’s playful face. The bananas are highly sweet and nutritious followed by easy-to-eat food items. Bananas are the major source of carbohydrates and are full of digestive elements like fiber. Apart from this, bananas can be eaten as a chopped salad, direct and in massed form, and in all these forms the babies will be able to attain a good weight from six to nine months of age.

 9. Prunes

Prunes can be termed as ‘dried plums’ are appealing to babies as these are also soft, sweet, and enjoyable in taste. These dried plums are rich in fiber and are a natural cure for constipation, a common issue within babies when they are weaning onto solid food items. Thus, these prunes can be served to the babies in the form of pure or blended format with oatmeal, cereal, and applesauce.

Apart from the dried plums, the raisins are also beneficial for babies and thus, raisins must be soaked and pureed with other food items before they are offered with another foodstuff.

 10. Carrots

Carrots are known for oodles of beta-carotene responsible for converting vitamin A within the body. Vitamin is known for offering a healthy vision to a human being. So, this will be quite best if the carrots are boiled for a suitable time to make it as soft. Apart from this, carrots can be eaten as puree and also as finger food.

Apart from these top 10 healthy foods, other food items that can help a baby to develop and grow during their six to ten months of age are as follows:

  1. Apple juice
  2. Soft Fruits like grapes, papaya
  3. Milkshakes
  4. Boiled eggs
  5. Soft vegetables being cooked to soften easily potatoes
  6. Brown bread sandwiches
  7. Dry fruits soaked in water and then, mashed properly
  8. Cow milk
  9. Pulses being well cooked and boiled
  10. Sweet dishes with low sugar content

The new parents need not follow a certain set of rules while providing nutrition to their baby but, all they need to do is provide them power-packed food diet that suits their body needs the best. The parents need to make sure before allowing their baby to eat any of the food items detailed in the aforementioned article that their baby is not allergic to any of these food items. This is because this is the time during which food habits get to build up for life and if they have an allergy to any of the food then, find some alternatives to allow that particular nutrients to get fulfilled in the baby’s body during development and growth phase.

All the food items detailed in the aforementioned article need to be served in such a form that can be eaten by the babies in an easy manner without allowing them to make efforts in biting at age of six to ten months. The age of six to ten months is known as the initial stage of growth and thus, the babies require high iron and protein diet to build their bones, eye vision, and muscular health as strong. Even, the diet they are getting in this phase decides their fighting spirit against the disease like fever, cancer cells, and various deficiency diseases like anemia, rickets, scurvy, bleeding gums, and so on causing due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals in an effective amount in the baby’s body.

The new parents need to give a thorough concern over the diet chart of their baby and also they need to think about the new colorful recopies to insist their child eat on their own without getting forced to eat by the parents.

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